So this is embarrassing.  News reports from August 13, 2012 tell of a two car accident in Auburn Hills, Michigan where one car illegally turned in front of another car before crashing into it.  In the first car, neither driver nor passenger was buckled in.  In the second car, neither driver nor passenger was buckled in.   No one in this accident was buckled in.   What is embarrassing is that the passenger in the first car was Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and his driver was a police officer.  Michigan law requires all drivers and passengers in the front seat to wear their seat belts.

Comments on this story I found on the web pose the question, will tickets be handed out, and if so, will Mr. Brooks receive one as well?  Of course it is great fodder for snarky comments from his constituents.    Since Mr. Brooks suffered numerous broken bones, a gash to the head, and injuries to his hip, wrist and legs, a ticket would be a small inconvenience.

The laws of physics apply even to elected officials and their law enforcement drivers.